January, 2018

Brown Law Firm is proud to announce that a sponsor it represents was rated “Exemplary” for its Compliance in the recent Ohio Department of Education (ODE) ratings.  

The ODE rates sponsors on three equal components:

• Academic Performance (4 points)
• Compliance with Laws and Rules (4 points)
• Quality Practices (4 points)

For the most part, academic performance is primarily within the bailiwick of the school – not the sponsor.

For the Compliance component, sponsors are evaluated on compliance with all applicable laws and rules, including their obligation to monitor schools’ compliance. There are 19 items identified for sponsor level certification, using 9 key documents, and 251 items identified for school level certification, using 76 documents per school. A rating of exemplary requires that the number of items not in compliance is less than 3.

The Quality Practices Component is based on adherence to quality practices developed by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers and other national organizations. It includes the following areas:

• Commitment and Capacity
• Application Process and Decision-making
• Oversight and Evaluation
• Termination and Renewal Decision-making
• Technical Assistance and Special Requirements in Rule and Law

Among the documents evaluated for both Compliance and Quality Practices are the Sponsorship Agreement and the Site Visit Form. These are evaluated for both meeting legal and regulatory requirements and promoting “best practices.” Among ODE’s recommended “best practices”:

• Recommendation for Governing Authority to appoint Finance Committee.

School Performance measurements using cohorts and subgroups. The 10 subgroups evaluated in Ohio are: all students; American Indian/Alaska Native Students; Asian/Pacific Island Students; Black; non-Hispanic Students; Hispanic Students; Economically Disadvantaged Students; Students with Disabilities; and Students with Limited English Proficiency.

• Requiring high-stakes review of Schools as part of Sponsorship Contract renewal process.

Including these “best practices” in your documentation hold potential to add points to both your Compliance and Quality Practices scores.

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